1. How to collaborate/interact with DREAMMIX?

DREAMMIX uses a collaboration platform to interact with our customers. Within the workroom of your project you can see the project’s history, track the progress of activities and also having an overview about correspondence with us.

2. How do I upload/download files to/from DREAMMIX?

Once you sign up and we created the first workroom for your project we will send you all necessary information to up-/download files by our DREAMMIX Cloud (like Dropbox, but running on our servers).
If you would like to share files with us by Dropbox – Just invite us to your shared folder or post the shareable link within your project workroom.

3. What payment options does DREAMMIX offer? What are the payment conditions?

We provide payment by bank wire-transfer as well as by PayPal.
For our Swiss customers:
You pay the invoice by bank wire-transfer at the end of the month (for long running projects) or at the end of the project. Payments must be done within 10 days after receiving the invoice. You may as well pay by PayPal.
For our international customer:
You pay 50% of the project before we start to work on it. The remaining 50% after completion (or at the end of the month for long running projects). International payments are accepted by PayPal. Bank wire-transfer on request.

4. Which hourly rate should I choose for my project with DREAMMIX?

Before we start the project with you we will discuss all details with you. According to the desired results we will define together with you the hourly rate which will be needed to achieve the results.

5. I am experiencing technical problems with your site.

Never mind – Please get in touch with us by email and we will be eager to solve everything.

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